TLDR: X Marks the Spot. Find the X on this site to begin your journey to the moon. Whoever reaches the end of the journey first will have the private keys to a bitcoin wallet, and will get to keep the treasure all for themself. Click the "Born to Be Wild" logo above to view the current value of the treasure.

In the spirit of Apollo 11, we’ve diverted a large chunk (for an indie band) of our advertising budget to help you on a journey to the moon. Hidden in the Born To Be Wild album cover is a clue. Hidden in the Born To Be Wild teaser video is a hint about how to access the clue. Follow the clues... they will lead you to .025 Bitcoin. The first hints: in this post. Hints and clues can also be found on this website. Look around. 

A couple important pieces of info:

  1. This is a digital treasure hunt that will lead you to digital gold. The treasure is buried with riddles, cyphers, analogies and references to historical events. Watching the Born to Be Wild music video is important to your success in this puzzle.

  2. There is a treasure map that you can access on this site. The map is very helpful. X marks the spot. Find it.

  3. Pre-save Born to Be Wild by clicking here, and you will be emailed a valuable clue on release day: 7/20/21. You will not be able to gain access to this clue after 7/19/21. You must agree to give us access to your email address (the clue will be sent via email)

  4. If you think you have discovered part of the key, use the key checker tool to see if you're correct.

  5. Since we will be releasing hints, we recommend following us across social media, so that you are the first to see these valuable bits of info. Use the links at the top of the page to find us. Lots of questions have been answered and hints given on our subreddit: 

  6. You will find clues more easily if you use a computer and not a mobile phone on this website.


In rainbow road on N64, if you speed boost at the beginning and fly off track to the left (with precision), you can be taken on a large shortcut. There is also a shortcut in this journey if you know where/how to look and are willing to take the baby steps that lead to one giant leap. We will answer some questions, publicly, if it is taking too long for you to figure it out. No questions will be answered regarding the shortcut.