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In the spirit of many epic sea voyages, we’ve diverted a large chunk (for an indie band) of our advertising budget to help you on a psychedelic journey across the sea. Woven into our next single, Glimmer, is a story. Uncover the story... it will lead you to .031777 Bitcoin.

A couple more important pieces of info:

  1. Presave Glimmer and we'll help you solve the first puzzle in an email on release day.

  2. This is a digital treasure hunt. The treasure is buried with riddles, cyphers, analogies and references to historical events or epic nautical stories.

  3. There are red herrings and incorrect paths. Some lead back to the main journey, some lead elsewhere.

  4. The nature of a treasure hunt encourages keeping it a secret... but share this hunt on reddit (comments or posts), and/or tag your friends on social media and show us, and we will reward you for helping us spread the word.

  5. This is the second digital treasure hunt we've created, and it picks up where the last one left off. Watch the Born to Be Wild video to better understand where you are starting from. And a word of advice: all of our finalists in the last treasure hunt were groups of people. The journey is more fun shared with others.

  6. Lots of questions will been answered and hints given on our subreddit: 


In rainbow road on N64, if you speed boost at the beginning and fly off track to the left (with precision), you can be taken on a large shortcut. There is also a shortcut in this journey if you know where/how to look and are willing to take the baby steps that lead to one giant leap. We will answer some questions, publicly, if it is taking too long for you to figure it out. No questions will be answered regarding the shortcut.

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