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The mystery begins...

The Poseidon.jpg
You land in the sea. Your ship, Poseidon, is close by. You swim to it.

Why didn't she come to get you?

You can hear and feel the hum of the engine as you climb aboard.  You smell salt water, engine fumes... and garlic. You move into the cabin, and see a table fully set. Glittery letters, strung over the table, read: Welcome Home. Candles are lit on the table. Only a bit of wax has dripped off of them. They weren't lit long ago.
On the stove, still being warmed by a flame, sits your favorite meal — cooked by the one you love.

But she is not aboard. Nobody is aboard. The ship is completely empty. 

You search for binoculars in a drawer and then climb to the top of the ship and put them to your eyes. You see the sea. In front of you, to your sides, behind you, the sea. The sea and nothing else.

This is a search and rescue mission for the one you love.

To begin, chart a course.
latitude (numbers only)
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